Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Whatcha doin?

Here's a few interesting stuff that I found around this wonderful, wonderful world of the internet:

**  Office party coming up? Need a mindless gift idea? Just too much money and need more stuff to hoard? Well, this list might just be what you need. A cookie dunking utensil perhaps?

**  You can NEVER be too old for S'mores - you just find new ways to enjoy it.

**  And just in case, the S'mores are not sweet enough, here's more DIY chocolatey goodness!

**  I am in love with this geometric table by Kat from We Can Re-Do It

**  Clever DVD display. This will definitely be in my future home's entertainment center.

**   I'm not big on makeup but if I were, this is what make up paradise would probably look like to me.

**  These things just take me back! Remember 3 1/2 Floppy disks? Well, they'd probably won't do anything for you and your computer right now so why not use them for something else? And check out this awesome Coca-cola cans concept inspired by one of my favorite old school arcade games, Space Invaders

**  Speaking of childhood, was it just me or did you dream of becoming a mermaid and swimming with Ariel too? Well, look what $250 can get you! Sure, it wouldn't make you breathe underwater and wouldn't make all the sea creatures talk to you but this is close enough. I would totally timeshare this with someone! Sisterhood of the traveling fins. Yes?

**  If you decide to be part of my Sisterhood, we'll write each other using beautiful sparkly top pencils! ....

**  ..... And we can get this morbidly appropriate Walking Dead DVD Set (gore-alert!) or recreate movies using legos.

**  Patience is a virtue. And it can make you produce awesome artwork.

All right, break's over. Have a few laughs before you go. Here and here


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